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The Day you were born - June 18, 1980
Rosemary Torres (c)

Twenty years have come and gone
There is nothing left but memories.
How can it be that after Thirteen years
You are no longer here with us.

Your Birthday is here once again
I know this year will be different than all the others . . . why?
Because it is your Twentieth Birthday and Father’s Day
This day will be very hard, not to mention “special” to your Father.
Why? Because you made him a Daddy.
Twenty years ago to the day,
June 18, 1980 ~ your birthday!

I remember when you were born
so precious and milky white as can be, a real true Angel.
You were so special to us, the absolute sunshine of our lives!
~ Our Firstborn Daughter ~

We will never forget everything you did
all your firsts and all the accomplishments in your life.
You always made us so proud to be your parents.
Just as we were Twenty years ago today
The day you were born ~ June 18, 1980.

We will never forget the day you were taken from us
Thanksgiving Day - of all days - your best holiday yet
Every year, after dinner, you would put on a skit for the whole family
dressing your sisters in costumes you’ve made yourself
Those are several of the memories we will cherish forever....
just as the memory is of the day you were born to us
June 18, 1980 ~ your Birthday!

~ Happy 20th Birthay Our Very Special Angel ~
Happy Father’s Day ~ My Wonderful Husband
and Father to my Beautiful Five Daughters!
Thank you for giving me a reason to live!!

Written: 5/19/2000

Our First Born Daughter
Rosemary Torres (c)

You were only a child of Thirteen
when you were quietly taken from us.
I could never understand then
and it’s even more harder now, after all these years,
to understand why you are no longer here with us,
~ Our Firstborn Daughter ~

You always wondered why you couldn’t be like everyone else your age
There was always ‘something’ that stopped you otherwise
even though you were able to live life to it’s fullest
just like any normal child of your age and potential.
You were always so curious, always wanting to explore
and learn more . . . as if what you were learning, just wasn’t enough!
You enjoyed life - and all that it had to offer, never a complaint.

You were so full of life, you never let anything get in the way
You always managed to overcome
all the health conditions that were thrown your way
because you never gave up,
as I never will, going through life without you,
~ Our Firstborn Daughter ~

You had barely begun to live your life, at Thirteen years old.
so excited about the things you were finally going to be able to do.
Like go to Western Europe for 22 days as a Student Ambassador.
This was an ultimate dream come true!
Just to see the smile on your face
when you found out you had been chosen to go. . .
What AWESOME MEMORIES you were able to take with you!
These are the memories that we will cherish FOREVER!

Today, you will be Twenty years old.
I wonder about all the things you’d be doing right now.
What you would have gone off to do,
if you would have contined on living after Thirteen years of age.

You would have graduated from Ruth Musser Middle School
then went on to High School ~ Graduating with the “Class of 1998”
Then you would have gone off to College
to study to be the Cardiologist you dreamed of being someday.
These are the dreams I had for you
~ Our First Born Daughter ~

But where would you really be today, at Twenty years old?
Would you still be living at home?
Would you still have the same friends and many, many more?
Would you be working? What kind of job would you have?
Would you be away at the best college?
Would you have a boyfriend and be thinking of marrying someday?
Would you be pregnant without even thinking of marriage first (yikes)?
What would you be doing? At Twenty years old?
Those are the things that go through my mind today
Things that make my heart ache so bad because you are not here growing up with your Sisters . . .
Things that I wish I could SEE and PLAN with you
because this is where you should be,
just as you were the day you were given to us
Twenty years ago today ~ June 18, 1980
~ Our First Born Daughter ~

~ Happy “20th” Birthay Our Very Special Angel ~
~ Louise Antoinette Torres ~

Written: 5/19/2000

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When you lose someone you bring into this world
There is never closure

~ Author Unknown ~

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When Someone you love becomes a Memory
The Memory becomes a Treasure

~ Author Unknown ~