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On Her Birthday
~Author Unknown~

How do I mark her birthday
this dear child of mine who's now gone?
Do I ignore the day, pretend that I'm so busy
that it slipped by unnoticed?
As if that day could ever mean anything else to me,
as if I could wipe out the significance of that
day 22 years ago when she was given to me,
a birth that changed my life so dramactically,
adding joy and richness impossible to imagine
before that special June day.

No, then, I will mark the significance of this day, But how?
In tears, swept up once more by familiar tide of grief,
floundering in all the "would have been..."
"could have been..." thoughts,
sorrowing for all the lost possibilities?

Wrong, my heart says. A day filled with only grief
would hardly be fitting to the memory of a child
so filled with joy and love.
Her life was not all sadness and pain.
She was a fighter, that girl of ours,
wrestling all the joy, all the good times she could
out of her short life.

Better to celebrate her day her way,
going shopping, listening to music, writing stories,
or playing games, learning again to laugh
and delight in the love and friendship we
share, as she did.

Tears? Of course, I'll shed some,
but as she was never overwhelmed by her heart defect,
I'll try not to be engulfed in my sadness.
We'll celebrate her birthday,
remembering the precious times we've shared.
We'll focus on the God-given gift that was ours,
if only for a short 13-1/2 years.

Our Special Daughter WAS born, she DID live a rich life
filled with loving and sharing...
Surely that is worth celebrating in a bittersweet,
but somehow triumphant way.

Happy Birthday, My Precious Louise...we rejoice in your birth
and the life and love we shared with you.

Note: Poem was rewritten alittle for Louise's Birthday, by her Mom

There Were Many Moments With You...
(Just Not Enough Years)

A child is a gift from the Heavenly Father
that comes with many moments of love.
But what you think you'll hold for a lifetime,
may one day soar to the Heavens above.

Oh, now, I think back at the moments;
Precious moments I shared with you.
I think of the times that I heard you laugh...
There's nothing to compare it to.

I think of the times you sat with me;
Sharing the dreams you treasure.
And sharing the failures that you feared most...
Even these were moments of pleasure.

Every moment I shared with you was a joy!
So much more than you could know.
Just to hear each time your heart would beat...
Meant one more beat to help you grow!

Tonight, I sit & hold onto the photo albums;
Holding onto every single minute.
I look back & long for more time in life with you.
For more life while you were in it.

I see others around me and know that they
understand exactly how I feel.
For every moment I live without you
is a moment too painfully real.

So, I sit tonight longing to hold you.
I just can't hold back my tears.
There were many moments with you...
Oh ... Just not enough years.

Kaye Des'Ormeaux ~ © 2001
Special dedication to all Moms who have lost a child.
And to my sister, Linda, who I still miss terribly.


It has been quite some time now,
since the Angels carried you away.
But you've never left my heart at all,
as in my heart you will forever stay.

No amount of time can ever fade,
the memories of you being with me.
They're painted on my heart and soul,
and lovingly framed in my memory.

These pictures are a priceless gift,
which can never be bought or sold.
No money could ever replace them,
as they're more precious than gold.

You tenderly painted each picture,
and created within me a loving shrine.
And throughout all the years we had,
each painting was a treasure of mine.

I hung them in my heart's memory;
a gallery full of love paintings so rare.
And every day I felt blessed to have,
all these beautiful paintings to share.

Now you are no longer here with me,
but you're the Angel inside my heart.
I cherish the gallery of all you gave;
my precious masterpieces of Angel art.

© Pamela Hall
10th November, 1998

Stairway To Heaven

If tears could build a stairway
and heartaches make a lane
We would climb the stairs to heaven
And bring you home again

But there is a bridge of memories
From here to heaven above
That keeps your memory close to us
Its called the bridge of love.

Remembering you is easy
We do it every day,
But missing you is heartache
That will never go away.

Author Unknown

This webpage is created In Loving Memory of
~ My Precious Daughter ~
Louise Antoinette's 22nd Birthday
by Louise's Mom FOREVER, Rosemary Torres©
on June 5, 2002
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