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In Loving Remembrance

Louise Antoinette Torres

6/18/80 ~ 11/25/93


This was written by Marina (from deep inside the heart of a 13 year old, yes hard to believe she is now 13; pretty soon turning 14 in January) and was read just before our Thanksgiving Dinner in Honor of her Big Sister Louise. There are no words that could define how it made us feel to hear these words that came so deep from within her heart (without us even knowing she wrote this). After listening to this, I knew it would make a wonderful website to share on her 'anniversary' day. We love you Our Precious Daughter!

*As I think of you......*

As I sit in my room I stop and think of you! Where you might be right now and what you could be doing.

I remember you and imagine us together laughing, talking, and sharing precious moments again. As I think of you, I start to cry and feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, all because I'm so sad you can't be here now! You can't even say "hi" now, and what's even worse is, you couldn't even say "bye"!

I start to ask myself questions like: Why so soon? Why her? How come? What should I do? Then I get so angry. I feel the only way to get rid of the pain is to get agressive and hit something or even someone!

After a while I finally stop, cry and think some more. I try to blame myself or even God! Then i realize some people do crazy things so they can be with their loved ones again, but the truth is you can never be with them if you do those things to yourself. You have to do what God wants you to do, and when he chooses your time to go, you can see them again. Maybe God chose you to die at that time, maybe it was meant to be. You know that saying ~ "Everything happens for a REASON ~ I just don't understand why he chose to take you away so soon! Well maybe your work was done here, so God took you back! Someone once told me that God takes away the good people because Heaven wouldn't be paradise with horrible people there!

I believe you came down from heaven to teach us all to love, to try your best and it will get you a long way, to share, to not let what others say take your dream away and to believe in yourself and others! But then I stop again and think of you and ask myself "How does she feel?" You are probably so happy where you are! In heaven, running in the clouds, flying in the air, and looking down on everyone and everything!

I picture you with majestic beautiful wings and the light always shining around you! Even though the light already shined on you before! You were always admired and looked upon by others.

As I think of you I realize it is brighter now because you have inspired so many people, including me!

Luv alwayz&4ever!
Your sister~ Marina~

This website is created in Loving Memory of

Louise Antoinette Torres
by Marina A. Torres with help from Mom, Rosemary
on Louise's 7 year anniversary
November 25, 2000
Copyrightę 2000 - 2012 Rosemary L. Torres

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I light this candle in your Memory, my precious Angel...I will NEVER lose the faith and HOPE that I WILL SEE YOU again...
that belief is what keeps me going!