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On June 18, 1980 a little Angel was sent from Heaven above name, Louise Antoinette Torres. Sent on that date to two very special people, Louie and Rosemary Torres. Little did they know that this little Angel had a mission to fulfill, many hearts to touch, many lives to change.

At the start, she was given a diagnosis - a careful examination of the facts, in an attempt to understand or explain what was happening. Without a prediction from the Doctors of the probable course of the defect and the chances of her recovering. No real answers, just alot of questions. With all this that Louie and Rosemary were being CHARGED, their lives began...

At a very early age, Louise was always explained to what she must face through her life. Also at such a very early age, she learned and accepted the love of Jesus. Jesus was to give her a new heart. She never showed fear to all, because she would say "Jesus is gonna give me a new heart". She lived and believed in him.

Several times when she would be faced with being told she must undergo surgery or treatment for her condition, she would beat all odds and not need to go through them, leaving a shocked and surprised look on her Doctor's and Loved Ones.

I, as her Tia Angela, a family member, along with the rest of you, never really knew the extent of her illness. But yet the mission was carried through by both her parents and of course Louise herself. They were always being strong, never a true complaint. Yet, we on the outside would always question why Rosemary would be so over-protective with Louise; why she wouldn't allow her to go too far from her side. We all had our say, I'm sure, on this...but only a Mother put on this great mission, could feel why. She's not just in one place anymore, because her memory lives in all of us. She's everywhere. Free to be at places she could never go.

Louise believed in "Family", whether it was in blood, friendship or mere acquaintance. She has touched many through her life. She couldn't understand why people would spend most of their time gossipping, arguing and not getting along. She would always ask me "Tia Angela, why do people have to be that way; why can't they just love each other for who they are; be thankful for each other?". Many of questions she did have, never afraid to ask. Always a curious mind and always wanting to know the answer to everything.

As her life went on, she tried so hard to live a normal life. When one would see her, one would never guess the real, true health of this child. School, she loved school. She loved learning and learning more. Straight "A" Student that she has always been, always strived to do better. She wanted to know that she gave it everything that she had to accomplish and come out knowing at least she tried. She gave it her all, all to the end.

She had so many goals set for herself. She was taught that if she wanted something in life, she had to work for it. Nothing would come handed to her.

She wanted to do so much in her life and had started. She was able to experience Western Europe this year along with many other ventures. She became "Counselor" to so many, even to those older than she. She wanted to be able to give to EVERYONE. Yes, her heart was full of love and care; that all she wanted was to give it back. She saw no difference in anyone; just Love, to give Love.

Louise was a giver. She gave Love to all of us. We all gained from knowing Louise. Because of who she is and what she stood for.

Louise passed away on a special day "THANKSGIVING"; which will be a special day for the rest of MY life.

Louise (looking up to the sky), thanks for giving. Thank you Jesus!