Louise, I miss you so much. I'll never forget the good times we've had together. I want you to come back, but that can't happen.
I guess I just have to live with it. Even though your not going to be around. You'll always be in my heart. I miss you and love you as a best friend so much.
Love Always,
Anu Mital

Louise has touched each and every heart in different ways we can't even explain. On the outside she was cheery, bubbly, happy and always smiling.
But on the inside we don't know how she really felt. Sometimes she would tell me that she wishes she was like others. I don't understand why...
in a way she had a heart bigger than most people. She cared about others more than herself. Louise will always be remembered and loved by all...
Love You Always,
Valerie Sam (Winky)

Goodbye Louise, Goodbye my friend. The good memories of you will never ever end. I'm sad for your early depart, but you know you'll always stay in my heart.
I'll try not to cry, I'll try not to shed tears, since you were so brave, why can't I do it for a couple more years. Everyday I think about you longer and longer.
But I know our good times will grow stronger and stronger. I can't wait to see you again, your smile so clever, our goodbye of course won't ever be forever.
Love you Always, forever, and even longer,
Marsha Pacificar

We will always remember the times and laughs we enjoyed together. You were a good friend Louise and will be missed by all. When you left this world you didn't have a chance to experience life.
Your body may not be alive, but your spirit will live forever in heaven. It's going to be hard knowing that we won't see you again, but maybe we will.
We would like to thank you for all the good times you shared with us. All we can do is just remember the times we had that were full of happiness,
that one day we'll have again in heaven. This is a small token of our love towards you. We just had to show you how much we miss you, and how we will always love you.
Love Always,
Mia Anguiano

As Louise's eighth grade language arts/U. S. History teacher, I got to know her not only in my class but through her writing. She was incredible.
As you can see from August 2nd's writing, she was still so jazzed about her Europe trip and very frank with me about her heart. Yet, it was her straight from the heart style I loved.
She was creative, taking any assignment I gave to the fullest measure. I realize this is not new to you, but as a teacher who doesn't get many students of her caliber to come along, I was blessed.
She was quick to share her opinions and was such a young lady. I thank you and God for the opportunity to have her in my classes and my life.
As mentioned by Mrs. Decker, she was a 13 year old INSPIRATION.
If there is any good to come from this, Louise's death has made those around her realize that some of our priorities in life are really screwed up,
that we need to reach out and let people know we love them, and that we need to be nicer to people because we don't always know what they're going through.
You also know how hard it is to impress these lessons upon middle school age children. Louise's death, as tragic as it is, has done this with such silent beauty.
My love to you and your family,
Suzie MacKay

I think to myself, "I wish she were here,"
But she will never, never ever be near,
"Go on," they say, "It will be okay."
As I go to bed, I think,
"She's dead, she's dead"
I cry, I cry
then I say goodbye.
I pray, then I pray
And go on the next day.
But I keep on asking, "Why, why, why?"
But I know that she's up there,
Up in the sky.
In Loving Memory of Louise Torres
by Jasmin Moreno

Louise was a part of us. She was a part of all of us. Louise was loving to all. She was outstanding in her work. She was understanding to everyone's problems.
She was intelligent and learned what needed to be learned. She was special to all the things she did. She was extra kind to everyone.
Louise was a friend and always will be. She will always be in us. She will always be alive within us. She was smart and she was special as she always will be.
Denise Plante

I knew Louise ever since third or fourth grade. I always considered Louise a good friend. She was always very cheerful and uplifting. She wasn't like other girls.
She always gave you a chance before she judged you. She was a beautiful person inside and out. I really liked Louise, so did alot of people. I feel you two did a wonderful job in raising her.
I'm sorry that had to happen to her, she was a wonderful person. I really wish it would of been someone else. I can't say enough about Louise.
She was just a very kind person. When I heard that she died, it was like a ton of bricks hit me. I am truly sorry.
Jason Goulbon

It's not the same without Louise around, making everyone smile and laugh. Without her great writings to read that she's written.
She was so close to most everybody, but now she's gone, but she will always be around in our minds and hearts. She had such pretty hair, her face was just as pretty as her hair.
P. S. Louise will always and forever be in our hearts!
"A Whole New World" is where she's gone.
Tami Dotts

Loving, she was always loving.
Outstanding, she did outstanding in school.
Understanding, she was always understanding.
Inner Strength, she always kept going.
Super, she was a Super Student.
Energetic, she was always energetic.
Jimmy Hadfield

Forget if you can
Forget her when they play your song,
Forget you cried the whole night long
Forget how close you once were,
Remember now He's chosen her.
Forget her now, you never will
Because you see, you LOVE her still.
Arlene Salvaterra and Jeremy Van Ost

Louise was a very special person to all of us. She was a great role model because she was nice, friendly, caring, understanding, sweet, special and very smart.
She was a good friend to me because she never really knew me that well but she was nice to me and she talked to me. That morning before 9:00 in the morning
when I got a phone call saying that Louise had passed away, I thought that they were joking, but when their voice was serious, I got depressed and I felt sorry for you as her parents and the rest of her family.
I even prayed for you all hoping that you all will be okay...I still miss her and always will.
Louise's Friend
Cambria Anderson

Louise was one of my Best Friends. She was always very sweet and nice to everybody and was very happy. I don't know anybody that was so kind and loving as she was.
I felt that I could tell her anything and she wouldn't tell. She was like a sister to me, but we started drifting apart, but we were still friends, but we weren't as close as we were before.
If I was sad one day, Louise would always cheer me up and make me happy. Louise holds a special place in my heart and nobody will ever take her place, "NOBODY".
I go to bed every night and pray for your family and Louise.
The problem is I never got the chance to tell her that she was my Best Friend or to say goodbye. The last time I saw her was at the library. I'll never forget how happy she looked.
I will never forget Louise and I'll pray for your family and Louise every night. "Louise was ONE of a KIND."
Love Always,
Michelle Seidel


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