Angels come to visit us,

and we only know them when they are gone!
-- George Elliot --

I've always "thought" about this day after Louise went to Heaven...of when her "Classmates" would be graduating from High School
without her (and what my feelings would be!). We had so many DREAMS for our precious Daughter,
dreams that will no longer EVER be fulfilled by her. Well that day was here (June 11, 1998) and gone! All I can say at this moment,
is the poem below titled "Missing Graduate", says it all for me, step by step, it all happened to me, and I even got the HUGS afterwards
by her very special friends which meant so much to me as well as them. Anyways, my thoughts as this day approached was that I
would never be able to see Louise in her 'cap and gown', that's all I wanted. Well I believe my Daughter inspired me
to "create" this picture that I longed so much to have (using MY picture) means so much to me!! I would have NEVER
thought to do this...I believe it was her gift to me!! Gosh, I miss and LOVE HER SO!!


by Louise's Mom©

A time for celebration
A time for happiness
A time for celebrating the
beginning of your future
A time we will never see.
As this "time" for us has been taken away
the day you went to Heaven.

As your Graduation nears and your friends walk down the walkway,
It will be so hard to watch as I think, this is where YOU should be.
How can one of my dreams be shattered by one simple heartbeat?
that's all I'll ever have of you

...This is her actual school color...
Rancho Cucamonga High School


Emma Valenteen
Parents' happy faces all around me,
With a glow from within,
Pomp and Circumstance is playing,
Now the program will begin.

The graduates are lined up,
They are coming down the aisle.
Some have serious faces, yet
Some have a little smile.

I look down the aisle,
Hoping for your face to come into sight.
This is your class,
It was to be your graduation night.

All the graduates pass by,
But none of them is you.
A tug of my heart tells me,
You are not here, your death is true.

God called you Home,
I wanted you here in such a bad way.
Looking into your classmates' faces,
Do they recall you, missing this day?

Memories, sweet memories,
Now fill my mind and heart.
There will be no golden tassel,
This day for my Sweetheart.

The class is oh! So happy,
This isn't the time to be blue,
Now I must go shake a hand,
And get a hug or two.

Life can be the same after a trinket has been lost,

but never after the loss of a treasure
Paul Irion - TCF Savannah, GA
I truly appreciate your visit to this page
that I have poured my "heart and tears" into.

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